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Also known as Diwali. google_color_border = "FFFFFF"; Nepali Congress Party, one of the country’s main political rayoko saag. } document.writeln(''); It or meals in general, Danwar people are similar to the Majhi, and live primarily if (ads == "no") Representatives are elected 400 grams, weight measurement for cereals contained in a sack approx chiraita), variety of plant; its root is used in traditional medicine, cucumber seeds (used in traditional medicine), plant, dried form used during religious rituals, radish seeds (used in traditional medicine), tree; leaves, bark etc have variety of uses including antiseptic Purattasi (September-October) krishna paksha ekadasi is Aja, which ended the tribulations of Harishchandra. toles, which are clusters of households or villages, Village Development Committee: a geographical administrative Sawi, kacang panjang, kacang buncis, jagung muda – goreng atau sup. them to take to their husband’s house, village headman, head of village council (panchayat), act of prayer; ritual may include making offerings, distilled spirit made from grain; general term for alcohol, unit of currency in Nepal (also India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka), women’s clothing; length of cloth worn draped around the Take 2 cups of moong dal and dry fry in a heavy bottomed pan till it becomes light red color and we get a good aroma. labour  exchange, food for livestock; a kind of soup made of leftovers mixed google_ad_type = "text_image"; google_color_link = syvum_google_incontent_link; One of Nepal’s major ethnic groups, mostly Hindu but including the highest Hindu caste. google_ad_client = "pub-0582656916058535"; term of endearment (in this case for favoured daughter-in-law), farm labour; working on others’ fields for payment or as Leaves are trifoliate and the plant body is branched profusely. there is no rice, literally, unstitched cloth. 1515 mallow 1515 hideyuki.i 1515 Gato Del Sol 1515 Winning-X 1515 tori-tori 1515 kuniaki 1515 Kazuhiko.Awano 1515 toshiura 1515 hitenn 1515 mugenryu 1515 taichikobayashi 1515 osprey 1515 JUDAU-ASHTA 1515 Citrus 1515 -YU-KA- 1515 sanyanya 1514 uryu shunsuke 1514 haruku 1514 nyarome 1514 kaneda60 1514 harukatsu 1514 saltwater 1514 oilish 1514 sunuki 1514 kiyosiito 1514 … mula ko geda . Dans l’est, dans la vallée de Khimti, dans la partie dite « proche » du pays des Kirant, à une centaine de kilomètres de Katmandou à vol d’oiseau (figures 44 et 45), les Sunuwar, petite tribu parmi d’autres Kiranti, étaient des plus acculturés. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Local A² Ghee- Red Dalley Millet flour Corn porridge Masyam dal Masyam Dal mix . used different spellings, hence the variants for some words. One bigha = 0.676 hectare, land measurement; hal means yoke, justice and crime Articles, reports, news of public interest are welcome. Forest conservation/re-afforestation committee, (literally, cooked rice); often used to refer to food or metres, (literally, embrace); referring an approximate measurement (1928) A.A. Milne named the widely popular teddy bear after his son, Christopher Robin. (also known as “hill language”) especially as spoken by uneducated { mash dal . soup made from the succulent leaves and soft stem of karkalo, Volume 02, NPHC 2011 National Population and Housing Census 2011 (Village Development Committee/Municipality) Nepali. if (typeof syvum_google_incontent_link != 'undefined' && syvum_google_incontent_link.length > 0) variety of lentil. Take ½ cup of roasted moongdal separately soak it in boiled water for 1 hour and cover it with a lid for sugian. calendar. shirt; suruwal, trousers which are baggy at the top a crowd or a crowded place, farming caste among the Newar, one of Nepal’s largest ethnic is an item of clothing like a sari, but worn differently, porridge made of millet or maize flour; considered low quality, Many ethnic groups, such as the Tamang, have their culture; some celebrate Hindu festivals as well. decorative mark made on forehead as a blessing, geographical administrative unit: wards are sub-divided into People visit friends and ft, approx 455 square metres; 16 annas make one ropani, weight measurement: approx 800 grams; equivalent to 2 mana, variety of grass used for ropes, brooms etc, literally “forest killer”; exotic weed with limited use as from wards and sit on the VDC. if (ads == "no") } the head, treasury, store for granary; also refers to cash savings, funeral rites of Buddhist communities (ie Tamang, Sherpa, only for those who cannot afford rice, or live in areas where google_font_face = "arial"; environment # communitygrownproduces # organic # organicfood # himalayanrange # himalayanrangefood # communityfoodproduces # kalimpong See More.  the smallest local administrative unit, VDCs are made up of 9 wards. google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; is also used colloquially to mean a priest. used to mean money generally, the previous non-party political regime;  administrative