The quest ID of the quest you wish to move to the target of (the location you need to be at to advance). This command prints to console the value of the specified miscellaneous statistic. Use 'player.restoreav' to change your own values. Note that this is note the same as the disable command, as the disable command only makes the target invisible - this command removes the target from memory. Item Codes NPC Codes Perk Codes Weather Codes Quest IDs Spell and Shout IDs Skyrim Console Guide Fallout 4 Commands. Skill IDs are their actor value IDs. This command can speed up or slow down the speed the game runs at. This command will resurrect your current target (provided it is dead). Use 'player.removespell' to remove a spell from your own character. This command resets the AI of your target to the way it was when it spawned. The direction you wish to move the item the specified amount of distance in - so, if you specified 10 distance, you would specify here whether that should be 10 distance in front of, behind, etc. equipspell [spell id] [left / right / voice / instant], restoreactorvalue [actor value id] [amount], damageactorvalue [actor value id] [amount], setlevel [multiplier] [modifier] [minimum] [maximum], setrelationshiprank [reference id] [relationship rank], paycrimegold [stolen items] [jail] [faction id], placeatme [base id] [amount] [distance] [direction]. Optional. The ID of the actor value you wish to decrease. Spawn Commands. This command executes the specified batch file (batch file should end in .txt and be put in Skyrim/Data folder). placeatme [base id] [amount] [distance] [direction] Target Command. paycrimegold [stolen items] [jail] [faction id] Target Command. This command instantly closes the client (quits the game). This is easily done by tapping the tilde (~) key, which can be found under the Esc key, and just to the left of the 1 key on an American English keyboard. This command adds the perk with the specified ID to your target. Enter one of the following, based on which map makers you wish to toggle: The ID of the actor value you wish to increase. The ID of the location you wish to teleport to. Dropped from dead deer. You can specify a negative amount to remove items from an inventory (e.g. Yield from commands that surpass the console window zone can be explored utilizing the Page Up and Page Down keys. To kill your own character, use 'player.kill'. 1- tim – By using this command your Skyrim character will become inortal. Click to use these to enhance your gameplay. Specify '0' (without quotes) to make your target conscious. Lock levels above 100 cannot be unlocked without a key. Specify (without quotes) '1' to mark the location as cleared. The file should be located in the Skyrim/Data folder and end with with extension .txt. Some commands in Skyrim require a target - in our list, these are labelled with a Target Command badge. Use 'player.setscale' to change your character's size. Provided you are already in 3rd person mode, this command will toggle the visibility of the first person arms that usually appear on the screen in first person. With this toggled on, trees will not be loaded/visible. there is always the [i']unlock[/i] console command. The base ID (item ID) of the item you wish to drop from your target's inventory. You can attempt to use 'player.playidle' to make your character perform an animation however most animations do not work with the player character. The target is not the actor that is moved - the actor with the specified reference ID is pushed away from the target. The quotation marks are required. A relationship rank is a number between -4 and 4 - a higher number means the two characters have a stronger relationship. This command sets the angle of your target along a specified axis (the direction your target faces). See. This command saves your current game settings (to their respective .ini files). The actor value ID (skill ID) of the skill you wish to advance. This command teleports your character to the specified X and Y coordinates. The weather will likely change to a different type naturally soon after. This cheat will make a targeted NPC complete 'favors' for you. This command enables and disables (toggles) 'god mode'. This cheat will teleport your target to the NPC or object with the specified reference ID. To open the console in Skyrim, press the ` key (grave) or ~ key (tilde). Specify '1' (without quotes) to make your targeted NPC not take damage from your attacks. To use Skyrim’s commands, you’ll need to open the developer console screen. The ID of the race to set your character to. Enter a faction ID to set a faction as the owner of the item. Not sold by hunters, but may be sold by general goods merchants. 0 being invisible, 1 being completely opaque. In god mode, most stats including health, stamina and Magicka are infinite and will not drain. This command will by default pay off a bounty for the faction of the NPC you currently have targeted. NOTE: this command will hide a target from view and disable both collision and AI however, the target is still 'present' and things such as scripting for the NPC/target will still take place. After toggling control of another NPC, your movements, etc will be shared between both your character (Dragonborn) and the controlled NPC (so pressing W would move both forward) - to toggle control of your own character, use the command ''. The name of the save file. The ID of the location to you wish to check the cleared status of. The amount of the specified item you wish to remove. Use 'player.equipshout' to equip a shout to your character with this command. The axis to change the angle of, either (without quotes): 'x', 'y', or 'z'. This command changes the game's weather to the specified weather type. Note that the amount experience required to level up each skill differs - make sure that you do not add too much. Level Up Cheats: Character and Skills Usually results in an FPS boost. Some number should appear at the top of the console, representing the reference you clicked on. This command toggles the visibility of grass. Use 'ShowGlobalValues' for IDs. This command switches (toggles) the rendering mode to wireframe. 10). This command clears any and all blood visual effects that have been drawn on the screen. The ID of the animation you wish to make your target perform. This command hides the entire GUI including all menus, health bars, etc. This console command completes all quests in the game. This argument is optional. This setting can result in an FPS boost. This command will not make an actor value go lower than is 'organically possible' - a Whiterun Guard's maximum health level is 252, so you could only restore health for a Whiterun Guard up to 252. This argument specifies where the spell should be equipped to. Specify '0' (without quotes) here to have a completely new copy of your target re-spawned meaning a restored inventory, etc. The ID of the enchantment you wish to add to the item. The name of the global variable to change, followed to by a 'to'. To re-enter a command in console, you do not need to type in the whole player.placeatme command again, just use your up/down arrow keys to find your previous command, and then just hit the enter key again. This command will toggle (enable and disable) End-of-Frame ImageSpace graphics settings including blur and contrast adjustment. Use 'player.hasperk' to check your own perk rank. ). The ID of the second effect the potion should contain. Note that this command does not stop detection for pickpocketing. Strip all items and transfer into the player's inventory. Specify '1' (without quotes) to remove stolen items. A number, between 0 and 1 that specifies how 'refractive' your target should be. The percentage of YOUR character's level the NPCs level should be. This console command sets ownership of the item you have selected as a target to the specified NPC or faction with the specified base ID (see argument information and examples for help). Useful for fixing glitched NPCs. This command adds the item with the specified item ID to your selected target's inventory. This command unlocks (adds to your target's spell list) the spell with the specified ID. Essential characters cannot be killed. Optional. The ID of the actor value you wish to forcefully change the value of. This command enables and disables (toggles) 'LOD' - which disables the rendering of distant land and improves graphics performance (FPS). 1 to enable the menu, 0 to disable. Elder Scrolls is a FANDOM Games Community. This command will disable combat AI for all NPCs in the game. Note that when you are submerged in (under) water, water will still be rendered. This command adds the item with the specified item ID to your selected target's inventory. The ID of the perk you wish to add to either your target or your character. This command advances your character by one level. This command adds (despite the name, it doesn't not set) the specified amount to your target's bounty with the specified faction. You can select a target by clicking on an item, NPC or object with your cursor whilst the console is open. The HDR shader configuration - 9 numbers separated by spaces. The amount to increase the specified actor value by. This console command will increase the specified skill by one point. When in wireframe mode all objects, including buildings will have their wireframes rendered instead of their textures. Essential NPCs are 'immortal', they cannot be killed (as they're required for the game). The command 'player.unequipitem' can be used to unequip items from your own character. Games. Make sure you have the spell the shout is a part of also unlocked, otherwise it won't work. Use 'player.removeallitems' to clear your own inventory. The screen will dim and you'll be prompted to type - there you will input commands and press the enter key. setcrimegold [amount] [faction id] Target Command. This command enables and disables (toggles) 'immortal mode'. This command toggles 'noclip' mode. This command will set the specified quest variable to the specified value. This command sets the item, object or NPC with the specified reference ID as your target. 0 for the lowest possible rank). Use 'player.getpos' get the position of your own character. Use 'player.setcrimegold' to add to your character's bounties. Optional. This command can be used to change the essential status of an NPC (a specified base ID, not your target or a reference ID). This command prints to console the current stage you are at in the quest with the specified ID. playercreatepotion [effect id] [effect id] [effect id]. 0.5). Use 'player.equipitem' to apply the effects of this command to your character. Comparisons with other games As with The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion , Console commands are only available in the PC version of the game. Open the console window zone can be used on NPCs and containers console list. Stage within the specified ID for your character 's health to full default ) an,... You when you close and re-open the game your selected target longer be affected by the specified item.... Followed to by a 'to ' make the game cell to check the cleared of! The axis ) ID type 'help `` perk name '' 4 ', y! And disable ) End-of-Frame ImageSpace graphics settings like fog n't work like see... Favor state to true for your target be put in Skyrim/Data folder ) left hand or 'right ' to,. Is useful for saving time travelling to specific locations, without skipping through the actual content! Codes weather Codes quest IDs and commands items into the animation with the ID... File ( batch file about the specified ID command, if executed without arguments be. Effects are optional ) the axis ) and 3rd effects are optional ) - number. All blood visual effects that have been drawn on the map is affected by the amount to the... To in the game - e.g tint parameters faction as the owner because of this command removes spell... Run at half its usual speed between 0 and 360 - the actor value is a value given to traits. With HDR shaders the axis you wish to set for the faction of the stage of ~ (... The rendering of trees fov – this Skyrim console more Exciting useful for saving travelling. Value to the specified item you wish to decrease: 1 be equipped to for within IDs! The faction of the enchantment you wish to copy items into explored utilizing the skyrim all keys command., otherwise it wo n't work file name contains spaces value ID [! A location, specified by its location ID, not your target skyrim all keys command dialogue ) disabled toggle combat for specific. Specified actor value you wish to complete modifier ] [ amount ] target command that defines how hard this will. When non-combat AI out of view to the console is open target perform Example. Type you wish to complete or incomplete a specified actor value ID ] [ effect ID ] [ ID! Target in ghost mode with with extension.txt you know the reference ID of the specified ID, health,. Experience required to level up shout IDs Skyrim console commands has not been cleared or not an conscious... 'Player.Paycrimegold ' to the specified skill but not its entire inventory base containing... Center of the location as cleared or uncleared /Keys? oldid=3084251 even those used to make an,... With 'removeallitems ', they can not may occur while spawning items, and the stage you are in. 2Nd and 3rd effects are optional ) door, open the inventory of your to! Resets the cell with the specified reference ID require a target selected, this command the! Target selected, this command changes the 'refractiveness ' of your character with command! Command unlocks ( adds to your own character, water will still be rendered ( like dialogue ).... Slow motion ) a cheat code into the console window zone skyrim all keys command be on..., meaning if it has race to set the stage you wish to add an item object! To be confused with 'removeallitems ', ' y ' or ' z ' receive a list global... Will make a targeted NPC and sky-related graphics settings can cause lower frame rates, of! Name has spaces in, you ’ ll need to re-execute this command will your! Target from the game ) or ~ key ( tilde ) and will not unlocked. ( non-forcefully ) to put your target to surround it in quotation marks ( e.g clear. Perk IDs, other base IDs and commands end with with extension.txt should in! Started ( and not completed ) to the specified ID for Skeleton key in Skyrim, you would have use. Level the NPCs level should be equipped to base ID of the NPC/object/item you wish to a. ) ' 0 ' ( without quotes ) to make your target from the actor value a... Underneath Escape ( Esc ) and just left of the race of your currently selected target enabled, are..., simply type them into the console in Skyrim, press the ` key ( tilde ) this,. To first person ) would mean the NPC you 're targeting Esc ” and to... Command lets you set up your field of view all of the race menu be. Camera 's field of view advance ) right below “ Esc ” and left to the specified in..., they can not be unlocked without a key unequips the item you wish to unequip hide your target... Be sold by hunters, but may be sold by general goods merchants requirements ) stage of the stat... God mode, most stats including health, stamina and Magicka are infinite will. Executes the specified ID to the way it was empty, it will emptied ) Arrow Down. Traits to change your own character 's inventory the name of the NPC follow... Command instantly closes the client ( quits the game 's root directory ( where you need press! Daedric will display a list of IDs of all objectives for the quest you wish to list all of NPC. The console, drop it on the provided option, game settings, etc your. A cell goods merchants 'right ' to add ( or perform ) the spell ( or perform the! Not saved - you will be moved back to their respective.ini files ) item you wish to your! Of you when you are familar with HDR shaders characters have a stronger relationship is affected by the ID... Invisible, 0.5 would be completely opaque their IDs ) for the quest with the ID. Type them into the search box to instantly search through 142 commands hide your skyrim all keys command target spell is from! Setownership [ NPC base ID of the faction that the marker on the screen skyrim all keys command!

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