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UHAPVNIYA of insects

They are common for the summer season. Ticks, bees, axles, mosquitoes are the cause of these bites. Most ticks are underground - vpivat in the skin without a complaint. Opened at random view of the body. Tick should be pulled out by a doctor. Dangerous head to remain in the skin of the patient. Of bites is mandatory to make an injection against tetanus (pit). Immediately after the bite site is iodize or namazva with fat. Tracks not to get bitten redness around the site. In the presence of such blood is taken for testing - for confirmation or rejection of lumpy skin disease. Necessarily includes a broad antibiotic. Ticks are vectors of encephalitis karlezhov.
Bitten by bees, mosquitoes and axes are much are sentient. Itching is the main clinical symptom, and in bees and axles - and pain. Namazva bitten place with a solution of ammonia. The latter suppresses itch and pain of the bee sting. In place of the sting has been successfully put on ice pack. Bees and axles are dangerous for allergic patients. Ozhilvaneto is particularly dangerous in the head and neck. You can get swelling of the larynx with subsequent suffocation. Such patients are usually trained in placing kortizonovi muscle injections (metilprenizolon). They always carry kortizonovata ampoule in my pocket. It is appropriate to have an adrenaline ampoule whose contents more time to zadarzhatn in your mouth with a bite. And most importantly - to be transported immediately to the nearest medical facility.
Uhapvanyata of mosquitoes leading to strong itching, but are not dangerous. Missing antiapin, grinding itch can be done. Itching is mastered white mixture with added menthol.
In young children is used only white mixture and water based. Kortizonovi embrocation included only in a very strong and itching for a short time. Internal anti specialties are added only on medical prescription.
About the treatment of bites can receive information and treatment complex and the Son Ouzounov.

Ivan Uzunov,
Social clinical pharmacist-Master














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