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Hair Loss

Normal hair is 100 a day to fall on your head. Only when the hair starts to fall on the locks, leaves the patient to seek help dermatologically. Diseased teeth in the head focal infections (sinusitis, otitis media), anemia, endocrine disorders, seboreyata are the most common causes leading to hair loss. Treating the underlying disease affects hair loss and favorably. Many shampoos to treat hair loss. Not always, however, they provide the desired result. Preparation is lotion containing hlornitromitsin, salicylic and benzoic acids, ratsinovo oil, vitamin B6 and alcohol stop hair fall. The effect of the lotion is reinforced when combined with polivitaminnite preparations pantogar or revalid. If necessary losionat can be combined with alpikort alpikort or "u" in a particular scheme. A hair loss when hair is not wash more frequently than 2 times a week and only with baby soap. When hair is dry apply a bath oil with a mixture of vitamin A, castor oil and the yolk of the egg. Said lotion is ready and has very good protivoparhuten effect. The latter increases when combined with nistatin tablets and soap for washing pitchy hair. Homeopathic tsinkum metalikum, fosforik atsidum and selenium have beneficial effects in hair loss.
Honor is, etc. gnezdoviden hair loss, known as kosopas. A total of hair fall out a certain segment of the skin of the head. Most often is stressful kosopasat basis. This is evidenced by the exclusion of all diseases causing hair loss. The combination of acetic acid with chloral hydrate and ether is an excellent healing tool. Good is the effect of phenol with chloral hydrate and tincture of iodine in hair loss gnezdoviden.
About the treatment of hair loss may be interested to learn in a therapeutic complex Ouzounov.

Ivan Uzunov,
Social clinical pharmacist-Master














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