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Senior and Acne


Beauty is youth. Beauty is in the holding and conduct. Beauty is in the spiritual baggage. Last but not least is the outside.
In prom night Everybody wants to be at, at all ... will be at, but these youth buds deflower me - share many. Especially ladies are vain. Young people with acne from now should exclude their sweet menu. To suspend any cosmetics. In any case, do not pinch buds, especially those with yeast vrahcheta. Otherwise, the matter falls within a healthy skin and a beginning of a new pimple. With the active acne is not going to cosmetics. First disbud be liquidated and then cosmetics do its work. Many are finished lotions against acne. Companies spew them daily. Losionat containing tannin, salitsil, resorcinol and alcohol has proved its effect in combating acne. Rezortsinat kills yeast cause. Taninat limiting inflammation and decreased pore. Salicylate stimulates the formation of new skin. If necessary to strengthen the antibacterial effect included hlornitromitsin. In very soft skin, and glycerin is added. That lotion is known as anti-acne lotion "Ouzounov. Prepared only in the same pharmacy. If necessary, combined with imeks or zinerit.
Nights only now starting. Time to deal with acne is. Therapeutic complex Uzunova will consult free of charge any senior having acne and need of rapid intervention. The complex operates daily from 10 to 19 hours. Telephone 62-05-49.


Ivan Uzunov,
Social clinical pharmacist-Master














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