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Allergic rhinitis

Chronic snuffles, vodnista secretion, sneezing repeatedly one after another, feeling itchy nose are the most characteristic symptoms of this allergic disease. Spring is a season, which exacerbate the disease. Peak of suffering is in flower. At that time patients relieve their complaints away, taking namokrena cloth to the nose and mouth. Symptoms are not as dramatic when 2-3 months before the arrival of spring, patients taking the preparation ketotifen (zaditen). Often for depression are prescribed vodnistata secretion drops vibrotsil. Their effects are not always sure. Alternatively apply alergodil or neo-rinaktiv. The most reliable is the effect of prepared drops containing cortisone, alergozan and ephedrine. It is placed in bed the morning. At the patient from sleep should in no way based on the floor barefoot. In this condition complaints during the day are not as pronounced. Implementation of ksilometazolin (ksilofarm) in allergic rhinitis is contra. Includes and internal anti-drugs. Preferred to those with prolonged action and reduced sedative - Laura (loratidin) ksizal, zirtek (zodak). Allergic rhinitis often leads to allergic conjunctivitis - red and itchy eyes. Infusion of cold chamomile relieves conjunctivitis. The latter is well influenced by hydrocortisone eye drops or garzon. About the treatment of allergic rhinitis can learn in therapeutic and Information Center Uzunova.

Ivan Uzunov,
Social clinical pharmacist-Master














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