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Hair Loss

Hair loss is a disease that is exacerbated in the spring and autumn. It is one day to lose 100 hair of his head. In the most common hair loss hair fall increases in pussy and bathing. Various reasons are causing the disease - patients teeth, chronic sinusitis, anemic syndrome, exchange and malignancy. Sometimes hair loss is due to chronic stress. Cosmetics can enhance the fall of hair. Therefore, it is contraindicated in this disease. Iztoshtava hair and dandruff is also a common reason for the fall. Most important in the treatment of hair loss is from the country the reason that it has given rise. Many are finished lotions used to treat hair loss. With a proven effect, confirmed by practice, is preparing to wash pilifortin. Vtriva is morning and evening in the skin of the head. Effect increased when combined with polivitaminniya preparation novofan the background of intense pussy hair. If necessary polifortinat can be combined with pure alpikort or alpikort-u. In gnezdoviden effective hair loss losionat containing ether hloralhidrat and acetic acid, which is also prepared in a pharmacy. Quinquina water extract of nettle are aids in the treatment of hair loss. With dry hair is particularly useful oil bath with a mixture containing yolk of egg, vitamin A, castor oil and brandy. This mixture is applied to rub the skin of the head 2-3 hours before washing hair. Haircut of falling hair is a stimulus, increased growth of hair as a whole.
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