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Rhinitis in infants

Cold is uncomfortable pain for infants and children. It is more heavily for infants. Snuffles worsen breathing through it, and this impedes breastfeeding or artificial feeding of a baby pacifier. Nasal mucosal be cleaned with saline or sea foam (sterimar). In moves cleaned nasal drops are prepared nakapvat containing adrenaline and sodium chloride or distilled water. Nakapvaneto before food, which facilitates the feeding of baby. Only if nosle be permanently closed down in drops kolargol rate for several days. Dry air and dentition often cause obstruction of the nose of the baby.
Rhinitis in children is a common phenomenon. Usually secretions are thick, viscose, dyed yellow. Prepared by kolargol drops in this case are irreplaceable. Before them it nasal mucosal be flushed with drops containing sodium or three different works of chamomile containing sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate.
In older children with kolargol drops are placed with nose pads.
In a cold preparations recommend vodnista secretion drops containing cortisone, alergozan and adrenaline or ephedrine. If necessary, prescribe anti-drugs internally - erius, ketotifen, ksizal. Remind again in allergic rhinitis ksilometazolinat is absolutely contraindicated.
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