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Sinusitis (SINUIT)

Inflammation of the cavities around the nose and above the eyes is known by that name. Inflammation can be acute or chronic, bacterial or allergic. Sometimes inflamed, and four cavities around the nose. This condition is known by the name pansinuit - and occurs rarely.
Any acute sinusitis should be fully healed otherwise hronifitsira. Inflamed lining of the sinuses is otochna, production secretions. The latter may be watery, thick, viscose, dyed yellow. Secretions are released through the nose or running in noso-sip. Very often they remain in the sick sinus without may come of it. Sinus then becomes painful in press. Change the position of head feels heaviness and pain in the patient's sinus. Stagnant secretions may become purulent, which worsens the course of the disease. Diagnosis puts a specialist in ear, nose and throat based on the radiograph. Treatment involves suppression of inflammation and providing end of secretions from the patient's sinus. Locally made use nose drops. They contain anti-component (alergozan), anti-inflammatory (cortisone) and sadosvivashta (ephedrine or epinefrin). These drops have proven effect in treating acute and chronic sinusitis. All ready nasal drops stick on healing qualities of the preparations. Remind again: in sinuit ksilometazolinat (ksilofarmat, respectively. Olintat) are contraindicated. Using anti-domestic funds and vtechniteli a thick, viscous fluids (gelomirtol, respectively. Forte). Be preferred by anti-drugs with prolonged effect - ksizal, loratadin, zodak. They granted a sedative is less developed.
Antibiotics are prescribed in poor general condition of the body tend to complications. Prefer to rodozhilat (rovametat) alatsinat, Zina, tsiprofloksatsinat, augmentinat (amoksiklavat). Patients prone to fungal infection, take the above antibiotics except vitamins group B and anti-nistatin antibiotic.
Puncture is a therapeutic tool when sinus secretions are not removed regardless of the prescribed medicines. Recently, it is replaced by surgical opening of the sinuses (sinusitis in only around the nose). Sinusitis around nose, etc. maksilaren sinusitis is often caused by inflamed roots of the upper teeth. Sinusitis is a serious disease that requires an adequate, competent treatment. Such patients with proven diagnosis by a specialist may be in a private pharmacy "Uzunov" with confirmed practice of medicine.


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