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Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular disease is the leading place of socially significant diseases in the country. Unfortunately, in their deaths in the first place we have in Europe. 110 000 died last year 65 000 were due to cardiovascular pathology. In Europe, mortality from cardiovascular diseases is reduced 8 times, and in our country is an increase. Primarily cardiologists and general practitioners should seriously consider this question. These figures do not move to startle my fellow citizens, but to remind that in zachestyavane of cardiovascular complaints necessarily to seek the help of a cardiologist or neurologist. And the impending change in weather - the temperature difference of 15-20 grasusa - will most likely some cardiovascular disease to exacerbate. Most often blood pressure changes. It is more appropriate to be measured at a temperature anomalies. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust doses of medication to treat high blood pressure. Of course, this makes the doctor. In jumping zachestyavat temperature anomalies of the heart. If they are more than 6 minute consultation with a cardiologist is essential. Zachestyavat and constriction in heart region, especially in patients with proven breast frog (stenokardiya). In the pocket of these patients should be available izoket-shpray or nitroglycerin. These are life saving in acute stenokardna crisis. Stenokardno patients should not forget the aspirin-protekt or thrombo-ASS. Both preparations have blood in liquid and prevent the formation of thrombus in the brain or heart.
If, on heart disease appears dizziness, right to prove that it is not due to exacerbation of cardiovascular disease - a fact not always considered.
Temperature anomalies in coffee decreases alcohol is prohibited in heart disease. If the latter is a smoker - it is recommended to reduce smoking and possible morning to lights later first cigarette. A severe limitation of physical work and emotional overload. And most importantly - making strictly prescribed medicines by the doctor. Soft emollient in increased emotional irritability are the drops of the folk healer Peter Dimkov eunervina and syrup.
Further information on this matter may be interested in obtaining a therapeutic complex Uzunovv".


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