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Fungi in the mouth

And another time on the pages of the call for truth "is considered this issue. I'll look again because of your desire, dear readers. Recall that the site of the newspaper can always find your interested in health issues thoroughly addressed therapeutically. "Cry for truth is one of the few newspapers in the region, which regularly printed materials important medical topics.
Fungi in the mouth are caused most frequently by Candida albicans. This microorganism is activated when changing the parameters of saliva - temperature, enzyme composition rH or when applying antibiotics without a broad group of vitamins C. Mucosa in the mouth is zachervyava becomes very painful in the consumption of acid, salt or hot foods. Often spangled with white pimple vrahcheta. Clinical picture is similar in newborns, but there is reason for the occurrence of fungal infection called thrush (or sof) is another. Condition for effective treatment of fungi in the mouth is alkaliziraneto of saliva. It is through zhaburene of aqueous solution of soda bread. In small children with clean soil, immersed in that solution are all carefully anointed oral mucosa. Then mucosal fungal sick is anointed with a solution of preparation nistatin lotion. Spreading is performed with a disinfected soil, not a cotton pad. Maybe the solution to nakapyat 10-15 drops in the mouth. With these languages drops are spread throughout the mouth. The procedure is done before and after food. Between spreads recommend gargle with cold concentrated solution of strained chamomile.
Nistatin lotion may be made in each pharmacy, preparing medicines. In severe pain to be included anestezin lotion. Prescribed by doctors daktarin oral gel no therapeutic effect of nistatin lotion. The effect of nistatin lotion increases by adding the tablets esberitoks to recommend to suck. Chronic cases of fungal infections are usually an expression of gastrointestinal ills, which are not paid enough attention therapeutically. Not accidentally gastroenterolozite say that language is a mirror of the stomach. Chronic fungal infections are spreading to learn a solution stambolska mulberry, while thoroughly examine the gastrointestinal tract. Patients prone to fungal infections in a broad acceptance of antibiotics, vitamins unless required by the group "B" should include internal nistatin tablets. These tablets and uretralni profilaktirat vaginal fungal infections.
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