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Tonsillitis, galtacha (pharynx) and arcs around it is known as quinsy (tonsillitis). Dryness, irritation, pain when swallowing are the most characteristic symptoms of this pathological condition. General condition of the body is poor and often the temperature is increased. Many mokroorganizmi cause the occurrence of angina. Wrong is drinking warm liquids with this disease. Like a sore put ice pack, and for sore throat recommended the combination of cold, non-liquid, and even ice cream. This takes the increased temperature of tissue inflammation affection. This is a new moment in the treatment of angina is still not much known. Suitable gargle with cold concentrated chamomile. In yeast angina and chamomile to rotate with cold concentrated sumac. Tablets for smuchene - heksoraleten, strepsils, trahizan, efizol, propovit acting anti-inflammatory and anesthetic. It is to be combined with tablets esberitoks which also suck. The latter enhances the natural resistance of the oral mucosa. Even in a mild angina esberitoksat alone is able to lead to recovery. The patient's age and level of izrazenost of the disease process to determine the dose esberitoks smuchene. Spreads to the neck with a solution of tripaflavin, also has a good therapeutic effect. This solution is the tool of choice for chronic angina. Inditsirani antibiotics are in poor general condition and in the likelihood of complications. To this end, relevant penitsilinat, amopenat, augmentinat, rovamitsinat, Zina.
About the treatment of angina, patients can learn and get a private pharmacy "Uzunova. Angina during this season are especially common in young children. Not every red neck is angina. Redness can also occur in the consumption of foods with different temperature. Therefore, when diagnosis is angina merodavno competent opinion specialist ear, nose and throat.


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