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Diseases of the nose
NOT harmless

Diseases of the nose are many and varied. Endorse more frequently occurring: nababnalata nasal mucosal secretions and the separation is. These two symptoms may even though rarely lead to the occurrence of otitis media (inflammation) of the ears. Not such a rare treat otitis media and nasal drops (by a nose syrinx influence ushnoto inflammation). Nose infections almost always available activated chronic bronchitis or asthma condition. Not accidentally be patient Cape grade upstairs as bronchial asthma. Hronichnobolniyat nose is a prerequisite for the occurrence of sinusitis. The latter, although very rarely, can cause inflammation of the brain membrane (meningitis). Rhinitis is very common causes of conjunctivitis, especially in young children. Therefore treated rhinitis, conjunctivitis and indirect influence. Chronic cold water and dry throat and inflammation of the voice connections (laryngitis).
Export these facts to prove that rhinitis should be treated. Notion that a cold treatment and goes without treatment for one weeks is not true. When you know the cause of chronic rhinitis or clogged nose, and always treat it effectively. Experience shows me that preparations nose drops and ointment in healing qualities outweigh finished. In just diagnosed, private pharmacy "Uzunov" may allow therapeutic worn each problem.


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