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Refers to the mixture tsilotropin. It contains caffeine, amidofen, urotropin, sodium salicylate and mint water. Caffeine increases blood pressure and improve breathing. It also facilitated the penetration of those components in the brain. Amidofenat decreased affection, fever and has weak anti-inflammatory action. Act weak painkiller. Urotropinat is a good disinfectant of biliary and urinary tract and increases the amount of urine is partition. Sodium salicylate is a potent anti-inflammatory, and pain temperaturoponizhavasht agent. Amidofenat reinforce its action. Mint water improves the taste of the mixture. May be made in each pharmacy, preparing medicines. Tsilotropinat prescribing in cold, influenza, and inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract. It is temperaturoponizhavashto excellent painkiller and anti-inflammatory agent. The effect of the mixture increases, when combined with quinine and analgin-esberitoks. Mixture is suitable for children over 12 years.
Pharmacy "Uzunova can supply every patient with a need to triple combination - tsilotropin, analgin-quinine and esberitoks.


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