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Varicella and Herpes zoster

General in varicella and herpes zoster is that caused by the same virus. Pattern is typical for varicella childhood. When the old man faced with the chickenpox virus and is not sick of that pattern, the disease develops shingles. The incubation period for chickenpox is 11 to 23 days. Varitselniyat rash covering entire body including the head of strigose. Is often combined with itching. There may sneeze, cough, sore throat and fever. Treatment of measles is symptomatic. Includes temperaturoponizhavashti means. Antibiotics do not apply. In severe cases, anti-vehicle inditsirano zoviraks. It is recommended that stood on the heat and drinking more fluids. Itching is mastered with powder containing menthol, zinc oxide, talc, and, if necessary dermatol sulfatiatsol. Powder is the only patent pharmacy "Uzunova. Pudreneto be done with pad, pressed itchy spot. Of measles infection lasts until crust in disbud. Susceptibility is universal. Remains durable immunity. In shingles appear pimple on a limited area of the body, itching initially and then pain. These buds are the course of peripheral nerve and are distributed in bathing. Disbud is touch with fuksin aqueous solution. Victims after it is treated with indekstol, univertan, gentamicin or zoviraks ointment. Internally applied vitamins from group "B" - B-complex or neurobeks. In bolkov syndrome includes aspirin. Well there are homeopathic rustoksikodendron. Resolved after a herpes remains postherpesna nerralgiya, which occurs with a strong and continuous pain. The last good influence of painkillers embrocation "Uzunova in combination with aspirin or paracetamol.
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