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With a proven effect


Good pharmacy practice requires that these medicines remain available to patients. Firstly, it is embrocation Dr. Valev to treat hemorrhoids. Possession of painkillers, styptic, protivosarbezhen and anti-inflammatory effects. Experience shows that it is preferable to the all salve and candles ready. Relieves symptoms and in fissures. Subject of attention of many patients in northwestern Bulgaria.
Embrocation "Ouzounov for the treatment of tumors only in increased pain qualities. Preferably with strong bolkov syndrome. A salve is a healing in difficult wounds lying patients, diabetics and patients with varicose veins. Acting disinfectant, anesthetic and stimulates formation of new healthy tissue. Type of ointment that is used in all types of burns, with excellent therapeutic effect. Ointment against hacking "Ouzounov is sought for infants and the elderly patients. In infants it is used for feeding the skin instead of baby oil. It must be remembered and ointment, wipe unpleasant smell of sweaty feet. Suitable for women, adolescents and girls. Ointment against ragadi (hacking bean milk in breast-feeding) is prepared only in a pharmacy "Ouzounov.
There are two lotions, whose effect is confirmed by the patients - against the youth and buds against dandruff and hair loss. The composition of lotions is strictly individual, according to clinical characteristics of patients. Drops of the late Peter Dimkov and now seek to demonstrate cardiac neurosis combined with tachycardia. They aid and other cardiovascular ills. In this season, most seek anti nose drops. They are not standard and tailored to individual patients' complaints. Can adapt and children. Avtite mouth influenced by positive fluid is preparing the pharmacy. In adults it is added to the pain and epitelizirashti components.
Round face cream that is creamy without chemistry. It is universal, suitable for the creative age. Components in the filled pores and reduce izparyaemostta water from the skin, which enhances its natural obtegaemost (protivobrachkov effect). It is interesting that this cream is sought by men.
Therapeutic art they required to help patients - Hippocrates says. Therefore I write these lines. Information therapeutic center Uzunova may charge any light for those interested medicines.


Ivan Uzunov,
Social clinical pharmacist-Master














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