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Frost Allergies

Frost allergy is a disease, often occurring during the autumn-winter season. Most often "victims" are the fingers and toes, rarely have the ears, nose or other open parts of the body. Redness, swelling, itching, pain is the most characteristic symptoms. Itching and pain are pronounced change in temperature of the environment - from hot to cold or vice versa. Possible appearance of blisters or lesions. The disease is more common in people with low blood pressure.
Treatment includes changeful bathrooms with hot and cold water or compresses. In severe pain internally apply aspirin (provokatorite of suppressing inflammation - histamine, serotonin and bradykinin). Rutaskorbinat enhances the tone of the capillaries. Neurobeksat geritaminat and improve the exchange processes in the affected skin areas. Anti-drugs with prolonged action - ksizal, Laura eliminate allergic component. External kortizonovi include ointment, combined with antibiotics - kortimitsin, diprogenta.
Is preparing an ointment is contained camphor, ihtiol clean, peruvianski balm in a mazilkova basis. Ointment is applied by gently rub into skin damaging areas. Adoption of more fluid consumption of salt in food rutaskorbinat, knead the open areas of the body are reliable prevention of frost allergy.
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