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Cough is a symptom that may be due to different diseases - respiratory, cardiac, allergic. During this season, cold, running nose, chronic bronchitis, allergies are the most common causes leading to cough. Blocked nose, without a visible nasal secretion, almost always accompanied by cough. Cough that increases in prostration. This is typical of children. Clean breast, and are available cough. Nose drops, which suppress nababnalostta of the nasal mucous membranes, suppress cough symptoms. This made nose drops containing alergozan, adrenaline and ephedrine. Ready drops no such effect. If necessary, prepared drops can be combined with anti-agents.
Often chronic snuffles and adults lead to cough. Nose in adults may provoke an exacerbation of existing chronic bronchitis. Healing is an effect of syrups prepared in chronic bronchitis. They lead to the cleansing othrachvane and bronchial tree. Containing extracts from roots of hollyhock, sodium benzoate, an aniseed-flavored liquid, muriate of ammonia, potassium iodide. The effect of these syrups is reinforced when combined with esberitoks. I recommend the latter to suck up. Chronic bronchitis requires adoption of a large amount of fluid consumption and more carrots. Cough is a highly individual symptom and requires accurate diagnosis. Treatment of cough was diagnosed in resolving therapeutic problem in pharmacy "Uzunov".


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