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Influenza or Cold

The difference in symptoms of cold and flu are several. The most common symptoms of a cold appear gradually and in influenza occur suddenly. In cold temperatures over 38 degrees C is a rare and barzoprehodna while influenza fever lasts 3-4 days even more.
Muscle pain in the cold are mild or absent. Muscle pain in influenza is strong. Typical influenza is pain in the eye movement of apples. Cough with a cold is moderate, if influenza is strong and tearing. Rarely has a headache in the cold, the flu when it is highly expressed. Tiredness and weakness in the cold are mild and continued until seven days. These symptoms are pronounced and lasting 2-3 weeks with influenza.
Always cold in the cold, influenza appears in sometimes. Sneezing is often only when cold. Often a sore throat with a cold, while the symptom is rare in influenza.
Neither the flu or a cold is treated with antibiotics. Mainly in the treatment of anti-influenza agents are - remantadin. When a cold front are symptomatic medicines - tsilotropin paratsetamolovite and derivatives: koldreks, ferveks. And with cold and influenza are recommended polivitaminni preparations (tsentrum, multitabs) and imunomodulatori (esberitoks). Antibiotics in the cold and flu are appointed only in cases of suspected complications. Flu-Stinky and require adoption of a greater amount of liquid. Bedding arrangements for influenza is required.



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