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Drop two dominate
Hay fever

Spring and autumn are the seasons in which the hay fever is exacerbated. Typical for her vodnista secretion are abundant and frequent sneezing - several times in succession. Sometimes the only symptom is chronic snuffles. Morning, when rising from sleep when I build barefoot on the cold floor, sneezing strengthen. Sometimes symptoms are so strong that prevent the normal rhythm of life.
Hay fever is a prerequisite for unlocking allergic bronchitis, in some cases of asthma.
Two drops are to learn the acute attack. They are prepared in a pharmacy. Have shown that regular grind it. One containing kortizonova substance ephedrine, alergozan and water. Kortizonat and alergozanat fence allergic reaction in nasal mucosa. Efedrinat decreased blood vessels and reduces nasal secretion vodnista. Drops to shake before use. Must be placed the morning in bed, lying is 5-10 minutes and no steps barefoot on the floor. Morning put drops is very important to not be the symptoms of hay fever in the intensive day. Drops are suitable for adults and children. In light cases of hay fever are prepared to learn drops containing three sodium, ephedrine, adrenaline, alergozan and water. They are hot and unsuitable for children. Are contraindicated in hypertensive patients. Both types of drops may be combined with internal administration of anti-funds - aerius, loratidin, ksizal, ketotefen. These medications reduce the concentration of active attention and therefore slow reflexes.
These two drops are prepared in a private pharmacy stveno "Uzunova.



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