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Amidofenat served for years. Long been temperaturoponizhavashto tool. Special affinity to him were children specialists. Are used and its effect protivorevmatichen due to its anti-inflammatory action. And then I knew that it could suppress the white blood cells in anemia and that should not apply. Difference is well tolerated both by children and the elderly. Even at very high temperature of Pediatrics have administered in doses greater than usual age. In combination with analgin temperaturoponizhavashtiyat effects occur rapidly.
And then go medicinal list ... Dangerous? Years was a faithful treatment from 5-6 years use. Even some colleagues novozavarshili not seen medicinal forms which exist.
And another thing - and amidofenat analginat have the same chemical structure, the same adverse side effects. Amidofenat is denied analginat apply. Paradox! You need to be tolerant to temperaturoponizhavashtite means current in Europe and USA - paracetamol and its derivatives - ferveks, koldreks, gripostat.
Amidofenat is still alive, albeit in the form of powder. It may be prepared candles (supozitorii especially suitable for children's law), children's syrup and prahcheta for internal administration for children and adults. Forgotten, but not prohibited combined preparations containing amidofen - piranal anapirin and can also be prepared in a pharmacy. Clean amidofen combined with paratsetamolovite derivatives mentioned above are very good and quick effect temperaturoponizhenie.
All preparers are based on amidofena patients may only receive a private pharmacy "Uzunova. Amidofenat rest is therapeutic for mothers whose children hard off the high temperature.



Ivan Uzunov,
Clinical Social














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