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Weather getting cold unusual. Temperatures sharply snizhiha. This enables preohlazhdane body. The latter, in combination with reduced immune protection of the body, leading to an outbreak of colds diseases. Assistance is forgotten but not lost its therapeutic significance analgin-quinine. Analginat acting anesthetic and suppression of spasms gladkomuskulnite authorities. There are weak and strong anti temperaturoponizhavashto action. Quinine suppresses strong affection and obezbolyava fever. Is an antimicrobial agent, particularly against pnevmokokite. He is also a classic in the treatment of malaria. Analgin-Quinine is indispensable in the cold and flu. Is contraindicated in anemia, pregnancy and certain heart diseases. Ferveksa and excels in koldreksa bolkouspokoenie and temperaturoponizhenie.
Unlike analgin-quinine, ferveksat koldreksat and no anti-inflammatory effect. Particularly suitable is the combination of quinine with analgin-esberitoks. The latter is imunomodulator and strengthens the natural defense of the organism. This is especially marked enhancement in the upper respiratory tract. Esberitoks recommend tablets to suck. The combination accelerates the recovery process and prevent the need for inclusion of an antibiotic. Production of quinine-analgin not, but it can always be made in a pharmacy.


Ivan Uzunov,
Clinical Social














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