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Gastro-intestinal infections

Gastrointestinal infections are current for the summer season. There are frequent. Poor personal hygiene and improper storage of food of animal origin are the most common causes. Occur with nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain area, diarrhea, often raising the temperature karkorene bowel. Gastrointestinal diseases are particularly dangerous for infants and young children due to dehydration. In such disorders vaglenat is indispensable medicine. It is sink all toxins in the gastrointestinal tract. Furthermore, there costive action. Twenty-four hours is left to the body carbon and mineral water (best hisarska). If the disorder persists, consultation with private physician is mandatory. If necessary, seek assistance and infektsionist. In the disorder, coupled with increased temperature, the inclusion of intestinal disinfectant is required. Tsiprofloksatsin, nelidiks, gentamicin, hlornitromitsin, ospeksin. Prescribe and protivodiarichni tools - lopedim (imodium) bismuttanalbin, prahcheta with calcium carbonate. The latter are suitable for infants and young children. Ovodnyavaneto body is carried out by rehidrin and serum glucose. During treatment to prevent the consumption of foods with protein origin, meat, milk, beans and eggs. Allowed potatoes, rice, salt, ordinary biscuits, baked apples, composted drenki.


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