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THE sweltering

In sweltering people with low blood pressure feel diskomfort. Heat expands blood vessels and reduces it further. Drinking fluid (2.5 liters for the day) and konumatsiyata a salted foods counteract the cut. It also recommends drinking iced green tea and cocoa. They increase blood pressure without having to become more frequent heart activity, as does coffee. In the approximation of the border helps the rapid shift of a car. In kolabirane tendency to bed with a cold leg povdinati quickly mastered the state. Drug in hypotension (low blood pressure) is relying on efortila, ephedrine or adrenaline.
Patients with high blood pressure (hypertensive patients) also feel poorly. Usually the blood fell. This suggests that more often to monitor for any of the corrected doses of prescribed medications. Less heat may lead to increased blood.
Hot weather exacerbate chronic cardiac and suffering. Zachestyavat cases of infarction and stroke. Therefore, leaving out in the interval between 10 and 18 hours of patients with chronic suffering is prohibited.
Renal patients also deteriorated in the heat. With much sweat is lost fluid. This leads to the concentration of urine. Swim in the grit and stones in contact with the renal tissue and provoke renal crisis. Therefore, these patients must take a lot of liquids. Well helps tsilotropin syrup in combination with other painkillers funds. Patients with diseases of the thyroid is also difficult to tolerate heat and need to be cool in a long time.


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