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Bitten by insects

Bites are common during this season - from bees, axes, fleas, ticks, spiders. Bitten is red, swollen, itchy, sometimes painful. Namazva immediately with anti-medicine. In the absence of such aid comes ammonia, anestezolat, or where the water solution of salt and vinegar. In infants and small children is invaluable white mixture. The same applies to the adults with the addition of menthol and anestezin. Incidents with axes and bees sting should be removed. Allergic patients should be careful to bites, especially those who have swelling and reversing constriction at the lips and bite. Must have within itself ampoules urbazon (if you can place them) and where kortizonovi tablets and ampoules of adrenaline. Smucheneto of tablets and retention of fluid in the mouth adrenalinovata state to facilitate the arrival of emergency medical care. Bites are life-threatening allergic patients in the area of the neck (shokogenna zone). Such patients should immediately be transported to the nearest emergency medical center. When bitten by a tick last be removed only by a medical person. Must be set against tetanus injection. There is room for redness bitten. If available, after consultation with the dermatologist, starting broad antibiotic.
Private pharmacy "Uzunova" advise anyone who needs advice regarding the bites.


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