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Therapeutic information center Uzunova is in line with modern requirements of good pharmaceutical practice. This is a requirement for a modern, European health care. Pharmacist is an informant and consultant in the treatment - this is the first step in reform of the pharmacy under the national congress of pharmacists. Finally pharmaceutical estate became equal professional associations of doctors and dentists.
In the future, competition will be based on the individual therapeutic advice. It is not only in terms of prescribed medication - it is important they can be combined to determine are consistent with other available medicines for diseases, are met according to dose, age, what are the side effects that could possibly occur at what intervals should be used. Therapist determined the temperature must be kept medication when - before or after food to take, how to continue the course of treatment. Patients often seek help for kupirane a symptom such as headache. Must examine the patient for any reason before a painkiller medicine. Increased blood pressure, rough, poor irrigation and also many other reasons have provoked headaches.
Or, for example - non-application of anti-vehicle dermatitis when combined with the itching, when an adult male. 80% of older men have prostate hypertrophy. Anti-drug may lead to difficult or to stop urination.
Or - the application of kortizonovi preparations in allergic reactions. This happens in cases of extreme necessity, when other anti-drugs have not resulted. Internally not apply to so "pulse principle and then morning, the best in the 8.00 pm
Therapeutic Information Bureau Vraca had 30 years before. It was the first in the country. Working is always free. Vrach now can rely on the experience in therapy, updated with new therapeutic schemes. Proficiency in the past recommended by a young clinical Master - pharmacist Nikolay Uzunov, zav. Oncology pharmacy dispensary of Vratsa. Bureau of Street Hristancho Matov " 8. (tel. 62-05-49) and works every day from 10.00 to 19.00



Ivan Uzunov,
Social clinical pharmacist-Master














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