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Decent life as CARE

Never say they are sick, if you do not know. And it is good that most of them seem so.
From time to time have numbness in the limbs, sometimes pronounced muscle weakness. Often see double vision or disappear temporarily. Pain in muscles and joints, and cramps are something usual. Defekatsiyata urination, and sometimes are difficult, in other cases cease. Well, that terrible pain in the eye of apples and facial nerve are rare. Serious is that these signs are observed in almost all apparently healthy "patients. Even worse is that most patients are aged between 20 and 40 years. The most serious is that nobody knows when it will complete immobilisation occurred and whether it will be permanent. Therefore, these patients are sick retired life, including "apparently" sick. The difference is only in the category of disability. There are more disabled by illness before they completed their education.
The disease is incurable. There are only drugs that delay progression of the disease. Would these medications are available to all, but this is only a book. Nobody can afford to buy such medicine. For one months course of treatment cost is from 1000 to 2000 euro depending on the type of drug. It is true that it pays the health insurance fund. But age and stage of disease are criteria for the granting of such drugs. At least all the young patients could get them for 48 months as in Europe. But this is only a wish now. Patients should seek only where to prepensionirani of TELK. Or become the object of attention when receiving attack. Then a law providing safe health day stay in a neurological ward.
This is the fate of our sabolnitsite diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. 4000 patients were in Bulgaria. 35 is the number registered in a non-profit company "MS - a disease and lifestyle" - Vratsa. And how many patients with this diagnosis who do not know it and have not registered, this is another question. Each of the patients know what I expected, but mercy and not just money. He wants only one thing - to ill-deserved. Have an accessible to all patients and local area neurologist who monitor their disease. Very realistic things. You, Dear administrators!


Ivan Uzunov,
Clinical Social














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