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Sun mercilessly zhari summer. Especially dangerous are the sun for infants and young children. They thermoregulator system is imperfect, which is a prerequisite for overheating, and the skin is tender. Therefore the interval between 10 and 18 hours of sunlight are especially dangerous. In this space and the elderly should be cautious. Exposure to sunlight in order to appropriate suntan morning to 10 o'clock. By gradually increasing the time.
Many preventive creams in order not to get burnt. I want to mention two - cocoa butter cream and cooling. Help retain moisture in the skin and the acquisition of steady, gradual, solar bronze suntan. Burned skin is very red especially painful. First aid in such fur is the juice of fresh cucumber and yogurt. Effective and deflamolat and madekasolat. However, unable to compete with the therapeutic effect of ointment is preparing block to the institute for emergency medical assistance "Pirogov" used in all types of burns, including sun. Contains anestezin, vitamins A, D and E, and hlornitromitsin peruvianski balm in a mazilkova basis. Acting anesthetic, disinfectant and stimulates formation of new, healthy skin. Accelerating the recovery process.
Is particularly inappropriate in the implementation of sunburn ointment yodosept. Yodat it may further enhance inflammation. This fact, however, doctors do not always comply. In strong sunburn is possible raztrisane and increasing temperature. In such cases it is recommended that paracetamol or nurofen. Pharmacy "Uzunova" always has embrocation block that the Institute "Pirogov" used.
About sunburn can learn and get a private pharmacy "Uzunova.


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