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Varicose veins - Varicella

Tyazhest in the legs, increasing when standing, flow pain, itching sometimes - these are typical symptoms of the disease. Gravity flow and is maximum at the end of the day, morning and are usually less developed or absent. Unasledyava disease. Consultation with a vascular specialist is mandatory for diagnosis. Internal varicose veins are much more dangerous. Although rarely can cause life-threatening conditions. Warm during the disease worsens. It is the application of medicines venotochnite - venuroton, endotelon, troksevazin, trokserutin, venalot dipot. These drugs stir dead in intravenous blood system. Thus profilaktirat formation of thrombus. Externally applied ointment lioton, troksevazin, indovazin, heparoid. Very good result given anti embrocation "Ouzounov. Can be combined with the above-mentioned ointment.
In some cases required internal administration or injection of funds protivosasirvashti. In severe cases of varicose veins are received wounds that hard influenced by treatment. People with varicose veins night must have a bath with cold water. The latter situation eases. Well does the placement of feet above, on the pillow. This facilitates drainage ditch of blood. Movement of the foot in a toe-step razdvizhva also dead blood.
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