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These are varicose veins of the colon. May be external and internal. Itching, pain, bleeding, feeling of discomfort in the colon are typical symptoms of the disease. Warm time exacerbate the disease, and constipation and exacerbated colitis. Bathroom with cold, concentrated sumac night is required. Cold point, because many patients applied hot, which worsen the disease.
Many are ready ointment and candles used for the treatment of tumors. They do not always provide the necessary therapeutic effect. One hundred percent effective ointment is Dr. Valev. This is confirmed by the patients over 15 years. Ointment has painkillers, anti-inflammatory, styptic and protivosarbezhen effect.
Finished ointment usually have only painkiller property. Ointment to treat hemorrhoids "Ouzounov" differs from that of Dr. Valev By his strong painkillers effect. Ointment may be combined with funds buck dead in venous blood vessels. In severe pain, is untouched by the two quoted enough salve, a view of the rectal mucosa. The aim is to confirm or exclude the diagnosis "fissures. When diagnosed fissures "effective ointment containing nitroglycerin - the fact remains unpopular among clinicians.
Tumors operated only in cases of severe bleeding, the patient's life threatening and in the likelihood of malignant degeneration. In warmer times, even if no complaints either ointment is applied to profilaktirane any exacerbation of the disease. More information about the disease and to treat all its patients can find in a private pharmacy "Uzunov".


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