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Itch and influence University

Itching is a symptom - may be due to different reasons: insect bites and other insects, allergic reactions, skin diseases, diseases of internal organs and systems, use of medication and more. Clarification of the exact reasons itch is sure criterion for effective control. In a sudden itching and inability to medical consultation salt and vinegar help. Water in a glass filled with water, put 1 tablespoon wine vinegar 1 teaspoon salt. With cotton tamponche by jamming is itchy pad locations. Protivosarbezhen effect has white mixture. Appropriate in itching from bites from insects, especially in young children and infants. Protivosarbezhniyat effect of this mixture for adults can be enhanced with the addition of menthol and anestezin. Inhibits itch and prepared painkillers alcohol (by adding some additional substances). Kortizonovite embrocation have proven protivosarbezhen effect. Should not be used longer because it reduces the protective properties of skin. Unlimited time only prepared embrocation "Uzunova, containing lidocaine, anestezin and menthol. Universal for all types of itching for adults. Good and protivosarbezhniyat effect of liquid preparation containing menthol, thymol, alergozan and alcohol. Is in Inditsirana of itching from insect bites. May be made in each pharmacy, preparing medicines.
These medications may be combined with internal application of protivosarbezhni means.
All about itch and its influence can learn and receive specialized private pharmacy "Uzunov".


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