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fungus on nails

Frequently occurring disease that is fungus. Yellowish spots, often changing color, thickening of the nails, which are sometimes distorted. Nail deformation is likely to be thrust into the tissue. Surgical removal of fungal-modified not eliminate nail fungal infections. Novoponiknalite nail fungal infected again. Classic treatment includes medicines for external use. First is a bathroom with a water solution of soda bread (2 spoonfuls of 2 liters of water). Penitent nadebeleni nail to raze areas of pilichka. Same as all the nail paint is fluid containing alcohol, iodine and other antifungal substances. After zasahvane, those places are treated with ointment Uaydfiyld. The procedure continues every night until the new nail growth. Procedure for treatment is long, but sure. Frequently dermatolozite appointed internal antifungal medications - nizoral, mikomaks, fungal. The latter have a good effect, but are toxic and not always effective stoprotsentno. If used periodically to monitor liver syot indicators and sypt. Interior antifungal agents are contraindicated in liver disorders. In their application is limited consumption of animal fats. Fungi on the nails are common in diabetics and in degenerative neurological diseases.
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