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Crack in infants

Strong red skin around genetaliite and ass, sometimes strew pimple, predsavlyava hacking at babies. Fekalite and urine are the main reason. Sometimes the reason may be changing pampersite. Skin adapt to pampersi precisely defined type and replacement with another type of provoked skin inflammation.
Embrocation "Ouzounov against hacking is a proven therapeutic effect. It contains vitamins A and E, castor oil mazilkova in a base. Causing inflammation of the skin after washing without any restriction. Can be used to fuel the skin of the baby instead of baby oil. If vrahcheta pimple with white fur on inflammation, the latter spreads with aqueous solution of methylene blue. In highly inflamed counsel for two days to remove pampersite and babies to remain in sashto panties. In the absence of effect of ointment "Ouzounov (which is very rare), use alternative ointment containing corticosteroids, diluted with cooling salve. This ointment is applied only to the inflamed areas of not more than 3 to 5 days. Only in exceptional cases (when those two are not effective ointment) is applied ointment including boric acid, subnitrat pearl, olive oil and lanolin. The latter piece has certain effect. Applies only to the injured site of a thin layer for more than 2-3 days. This is so because of the presence of boric acid and pearl subnitrat that under certain conditions may become hazardous substances to the health of the baby.
Pharmacy "Uzunova is specialized in the treatment of hacking at babies.

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