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Fifth crannied

This is the condition for a recent spring-summer season. The skin is rough, zadebelena that resemble bark. Often have deep cracks, which are very painful. Described symptoms localized heel or edge of the foot. Most fungal infections and often embarrassingly irrigation are causes for that condition. Night to soak your feet in aqueous solution soda bread (two spoonfuls of baking soda to 3 liters of water). Rough skin is tender iztargva with pumice or a piece keremidka. Be careful not to affect the cracks (if any). Rabchetata of cracks paint is diluted with a solution of silver nitrate. The latter facilitates healing.
Caution - Silver nitrate is poisonous!
Then iztarganite areas are paint wash ointment containing silicon, benzoic acid, castor oil in the mazilkova basis. Feet covered with nylon and so is sleep. Three or four nights spreads are mellow enough skin and recover. Preventive paint is cracked areas 1-2 times a week with ointment containing vitamins A and E, castor oil, peruvianski conditioner installed in the cooling cream.
It is recommended that socks are cotton, and summer and more often to use open shoes or go barefoot. Combination of lanolin, olive oil, rose water and deavit also a very good effect in cracked fifth.
Best salve for cracked fifth specialized pharmacy "Uzunov" will provide every need.

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