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Disease represents inflammation of the skin of the person with the appearance of buds, often with white vrahcheta. Symptoms is common in young people, especially in pubertetna age. Disbud usually squeeze, leading to their proliferation. Consumption of sweet things is also a provocative moment. During the active acne is contra using cosmetics. Last allergizing skin and enhances inflammation. Many are finished medicines used to treat acne. I will quote things from the practice showed good effect in treatment. Firstly, is preparing to wash pilifortin. It only disbud pad, which is done burning them.
If necessary, be combined with losionat imeks and zinerit. Person only wash with water and baby soap. Good is the effect of antibiotic alcohol containing hlornitromitsin and silicon.
Losionat against acne "Ouzounov is effective in prevention. Contains salitsil, resorcinol and tannin. If necessary, include a broad antibiotic. In the presence of pus in disbud homeopathic stafilokoktsinum is effective. It is preferable to the domestic application of tetracycline, a commonly prescribed dermatolozite in bad acne. Stafilokoktsinat can be used as acne prevention discharge.
About the treatment and prevention of acne, you can learn and receive specialized pharmacy dermatologically "Uzunov".

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