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Pharmacy "Uzunov" all magistral (is preparing) forms - powders miksuri, liniment, ointment, creams, pilyuli, Globul, supozitorii. Has specialized in the field of dermatology and otto-Reno-laringologiyata (ear-nose-throat diseases).
It is the combined therapeutic effect of ointment containing flutsinar, zinc oxide, lanolin, petrolatum and lime water in all types of dermatitis, including allergic and bacterial basis. Ointment can be applied in young children. Years late dermatolozhka Dr. Vesa Georgieva it down with a very good effect in those diseases. The effect of ointment was confirmed by patients from all over north-west Bulgaria. Instead of cortisone and anti-agents, it included homeopathic preparations which optimized the operation of the salve. Moral is the last to be called the name of the late skin mistress.
Proven and the effect of ointment containing vitamins A and E in the oil ratsinovo mazilkova based in hacking in young children and adults. In the presence of bacterial infection include a broad antibiotic. A name is a salve against hacking "Uzunova.
Youth buds are subject to special attention from teenagers. Disbud should not pinch. It is necessary to reduce the consumption of sweet things (sweet feeds staphylococci that cause yeast infections). Losionat against acne "Uzunova has very good effect in these buds. Contains resorcinol, salitsil, tannin and alcohol. If necessary, and added antibiotic. Losionat be applied only on the pad buds rather than pie. Pie dry skin and peeling lead to j. In severe cases of acne can be combined with imeks, zinerit, or fusidin fuzikart. Losionat "Uzunova" is preferable to all youth in lotions ready buds.
Those preparing to medicines have been confirmed as effective in practice. They save a lot of resources, patients need to be dermatologically assistance.

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