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On the eve of the Seventh APRIL

Why come to my mind memories of health officials who are no longer among the living. These are colleagues who remember and will never forget. From the wall looking rugged but gentle surgeon Dr. Vladimir Nedkov - father of Vratsa surgery. Nesluchayno his gravestone reads "lifeless is the hand that gives life." Golden arm of the great surgeon and a man will always be remembered.
Should help the child if child is ward, read assurances in view of the portrait in the office of head of department. This is the unforgettable likat of Dr. Pishtikov - teacher of Vratsa Pediatrics.
What is least affected by the treatment there. Tomorrow I will go see it - it was the unwritten law of the late Dr. Petko Sivchev.
Well largest professional soft and sweet-tempered, the investigator in the area of endemic nephropathy, the late Professor Yoto Tanchev.
And so far recognized by the old fortune teller mentioned the name of human violinist, photographer and master-Joro Simeonov pharmacist - the symbol of Vratsa pharmacy.
Many years have passed since these colleagues are nothing. Remember them not only with their high professionalism, but also their great love for the people with regard to any human with a natural ease with comprehensive interests with their active citizenship. They were all negative to the irreconcilable, not only in profession but in life. That is why - more often to know about them. There is nothing to learn from their lives, we have great examples to follow - to human health. Human, which destroy health reform. Professionalism has, and high, but no other, and is essential for colleagues and patients - humanity in the profession.
Humanity, which should restore at any cost.
Happy holidays, colleagues!


Ivan Uzunov,
Social clinical pharmacist-Master














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