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Disease represents inflammation of the tissue holding the teeth. Nababva crown, zachervyava is sometimes bleeding. Is painful when pressed. Often between the crown and the tooth is formed dzhobche, which falls food. If not removed promptly, food incorruptible and enhances alveolar inflammation. Therefore washing of teeth is mandatory after each meal, especially in these patients. Exacerbate the disease is spring and autumn. Inheritance is often justified. Smoking worsens the disease. Accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment of the case sets a dentist. A massage gums with cold water in the direction from root to the teeth surface. It is cold zhabureneto of adstringirasht tea extract, sumac or oak peel. Smucheneto of tablets esberitok strengthens the immune system of the oral mucous membranes, including that of the gums. When swollen, red and painful gums appropriate spreads with water tripaflavin solution. For the same purpose may use a combination of iodine, glycerin and tannin. Antibiotics are appointed only by a dentist. Or prefer to rodozhilat dalatsinat. It is not advisable to use prophylactic purpose. Treatment aims to delay the process of baring their teeth and fall.
About the treatment and prevention of paradontozata learn and can get in a private pharmacy "Uzunov.

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