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Hair Loss

Causes of hair loss are the most different diseases: diabetes, anemia, focal infections in the head, hormonal disorders, dandruff, excessive use of cosmetics, stress, daily washing.
Hair loss may be total or segmental (gnezdoviden). In 80% of cases gnezdovidniyat hair loss (kosopas) is stressful basis. In hair loss must always be proven or rejected pathology as a cause of its occurrence. In alopecia hereditary predisposition can only be limited and slow. In this type of hair loss hair grafting is the only effective method of treatment. Many preparations have been used to treat alopecia. Companies constantly spew lotions and shampoos. Deserves attention phyto drug, which is of plant origin. Preparing pilifortin gives lotion are excellent results. If necessary, can be combined with Alpikort F. Recent lotions used on specific schemes. Pilifortinat has a proven effect in dandruff and dermatitis seboreen. It reduces and omaznyavaneto hair. When acne is also a very good effect. When hair loss is recommended not to shampoo more frequently than 2-3 times a week with baby soap (no shampoo). In alopecia to avoid cosmetic soaps and shampoos. When hair loss pussy hair is mandatory - it is a strengthening exercises for the hair incident. It is the national adoption of polivitaminni preparations revalid or pantogar. Should not be underestimated and homeopathy.
Hair loss occurred more often spring and autumn. Remind that it is normal for a person to lose up to 100 hair from your hair daily.
When hair loss hair dyeing is an absolute contra.
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