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During the post is most appropriate to try to reduce weight. Limited to pasta, sweets are kept to a minimum. The basic principle is the least calories to come, and twice to burn the body. The main motive here is the active mode. Weight loss leads to reduction of blood pressure and normal heart activity. The body becomes better - the movement is facilitated, the thought is exacerbated. Positively affected and holesterina. Normalized exchange processes.
During the post does not eat meat. Of the Annunciation and Palm Sunday (Palm Sunday) is permitted fish. A fat fish - mackerel. Tlastata good holesterin fish increases and decreases bad. Good holesterin is that which is able to neutralize the bad. The latter is responsible for vascular accidents in the heart, brain and kidneys. During the post recommended unlimited quantities of fruits, vegetables, pulse (peas, beans, lentils) potatoes, salted, plain biscuits. Cooking is done with vegetable oil. Alcohol is prohibited, except for 1-2 cups of red wine at the occasion. Great post is quite long - 40 days. Only fully healthy people can afford to fast during the whole period and after prior consultation with GPs. Chronically ill can not fast if they allow the doctor and for a short period of time. It is forbidden to fast for small children, pregnant women, lactating women and severely ill.
The post is not only treatment necessary. During the post man seen ourselves - makes balance of conduct and behavior. The post is meaningless if you do not do good deeds and not thinking positively. Fasting strengthens Christian virtues, if, of course, possess them. The post is catharsis for the soul and psyche. Everyone at least once in your life should achieve, although it is not Christian. The post is something great for body and soul.

Ivan Uzunov,
Clinical Social














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