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SINUIT (sinusitis)

Inflammation of the cavities around the nose and above the eyebrows is called sinusitis. Lining is otochna collecting secretions are appearing in tyazhest pain and sore. Pain and weight change to strengthen the position of the head, especially in bending. Often difficult to separate the secretions that worsen the course of the disease. Treatment includes facilitating the separation of accumulated secretions. If not do puncture, which provides evacuation of secretions. The latter may become a surgical way. Fuggy infected sinus secretions, which necessitates the inclusion of an antibiotic. Apply zinit, rodozhil, or klatsid dalatsin. Liquefaction of secretions provides preparation gelomirtol respectively gelomirtol forte. Local inflammation of the sinuses put bags with sea salt, heated to body temperature - 36 degrees in Tselzii. Yodat of salt facilitates the liquefaction of the thick, viscose secretions and helps to facilitate their separation. Many preparations are effective drops containing alergozan, ephedrine and kolargol. It is to be placed with the nose pads. Last stay a few minutes. The effect of the drops increases when they are combined with anti preparations taken internally - aerius, or ksizal loratadin (Laurent). Prefers to ksizalat as does the least relaxing and reducing the concentration of attention. After control of the acute phase of disease, treatment continues with physiotherapeutic procedures with calcium chloride.
Sinusitis is a serious disease. Acute treatment completely. Treatment of chronic goals the establishment of full and sustained remission. Very rarely, chronic sinuit may meningoentsefalit.
About the treatment of proven sinusitis may learn and receive in a private pharmacy "Uzunova.

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