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Fourteen February - Day of the grower and Day love. Traditionally celebrate by Trifon Zarezan. Celebration of Wine, which can be treated. It does this when taken in doses no more than 300 ml per day (1-2 glasses of wine). And necessarily be red. In a dose of liquid red enhances blood circulation, stimulates appetite, reduces cholesterol. Slightly increased blood pressure. Improving the status of anemic patients. Preferably home red vintse not rich in tannins. This time was pamidovoto but now long gone. But even true red vintse may aggravate gastric mucosal and colon. However, this is rare. More rarely vintseto can lead to insomnia. Glass of wine is sometimes necessary for the two lovers - reinforcing the tendency to love romantics, he opens the door to true love, that makes people to become another - noble and generous.
Qualities that have long destroy democracy.
Love is the power that the substances produced in the body of favor - and enkefalini endorphins. The latter enhances the immune system, body tonic and exchange processes.
Love is a privilege, not only for young people. It should be necessary for older people because it appears now, the only free treatment and preventive method. Question is - what this means to a spontaneous and genuine.
When love is durable - and health is more stable. So love and vintseto (in therapeutic doses) treatment. We can illustrate their capabilities.

Ivan Uzunov,
Clinical Social














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