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Frost Allergies

Commonly occurring disease this season. Victims were found parts of the body, fingers of hands, nose, ears. Sometimes are not spared your toes and inner thighs. The most typical symptoms are red spots, itchy, sometimes with pain located in mefuri formed in the skin of the body. Itching and pain is strengthened by the entry in the cold to warm. Sometimes become netarpimi. The disease occurs more commonly in women and in people with low blood pressure. Treatment includes anti ointment and internal medicine. Morning damaged areas to paint with kortizonovi preparations, combined with antibiotics. Night is changeful bathroom with hot and cold water to the sick people. The latter then smear prepared with a combination ointment containing camphor, ihtiol, peruvianski balm in a mazilkova basis. Night internally take 1 tablet ksizal or Laura. In severe pain includes aspirin. Tone of the capillaries of diseased areas will be increased by tablets or rutaskorbin peflavit with. Must be taken polivitaminni preparations. It is recommended that drinking more fluids and more consumption of salted foods.
About the treatment of allergy frost all interested can obtain in clinical pharmacy center Uzunov.


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