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to not Come in Vratsa

Increasing temperature and fog will increase the potential multiplication of available influenza virus. This can unlock epidemic in Vratsa region. Everyone knows the symptoms of influenza. It is typical of sudden occurrence of high temperature (39 to 40 degrees) and eye pain apples. In Solomon virus temperature hardly mastered and highly headache.
Flu not treated with antibiotics. These are prescribed for the prevention of complications in chronically ill and small children. Good body prevazmogva symptomatic infection by agents - and temperaturoponizhavashti obshtoukrepvashti. Irreplaceable medicines to treat influenza are analgin-Quinine and tsilotropinat, which are prepared in a pharmacy. These drugs over 50 years successfully fend off various types of influenza. They are classics in antigripnata therapy. At the beginning of the disease has a good effect remantadinat. Could be applied to preventive-oriented as well as older children. Aspirinat in its different varieties are also used - has a strong anti-inflammatory, pain and temperaturoponizhavasht effect. Preferably before paratsetamolovite derivatives - paracetamol, koldreks, eferalgan, gripostat. Adoption of fluids is required, and compliance with the bedding arrangements a few days. The latter is needed to avoid the complications of influenza - bronhopnevmonii and otitis media.
Influenza in chronically ill should seek immediate medical advice. Flu may exacerbate existing chronic diseases.
Antistenokardinat good at preventative flu tonic for the immune system due to the substance beta-interferon.
About the treatment of influenza can be obtained in a private pharmacy "Uzunov


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