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Spring and certain diseases

Spring is exacerbate certain diseases. Firstly, this is allergies. They may have a different location. The most commonly affected are the skin, nose, airways and eyes. Skin allergies are provoked mostly by contacts with new clothes or new cosmetic products. Patients with this type of allergy it is advisable to wear cotton clothing to avoid new, especially artificial origin, not cosmetic change agents (new cosmetics can be provokator of allergy), to wash only with baby soap.
Now is the time of profilaktiraneto of nasal and pulmonary allergic inflammation. It is done in order to reduce the reactivity of upper and lower respiratory tract. When the plants begin flowering, the allergic symptoms of the nose, eyes and lungs are not so dramatic. Prevention is achieved by the drug ketotifen (zaditen) with a specific scheme.
Spring is the season of ulcers and gastritis, which is normally exacerbated. In such cases ulkoprodat (omeprazolat) is required. After control of the state to pass a maintenance treatment with famotidin (kvamatel). Last prevention is desirable, although no stomach complaints. This profilaktirat neobostrenite ulcer and gastritis. Spring exacerbate some offset depression and may provoke new ones. The presence of depression, irritability, insomnia and headaches, which are longer-lasting, requires consultation with the neurologist or psychiatrist. Let's not give those signs of spring fatigue and to clarify their origin. Some anaemias also exacerbated the spring time. Competent intervention haematologist in this case is essential.
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