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With regard to Cough

Cough is a symptom, not disease. This symptom may be an expression of different diseases. Most often secretions from the nose and lung diseases generate cough. Nasal secretions can seep in and cause nosoglatkata cough without the expressed rhinitis. So when coughing necessarily have to be reviewed and nose. Not every accident rhinitis exacerbate chronic respiratory diseases accompanied by coughing - a fact unpopular among patients. The responsibility of dzhipito to consider what is due cough. If necessary, make consultation with a cardiologist or pulmonary specialist. When dry, unproductive cough shown kodeinovite derivatives - codeine, kodterpin and gluventa. In wet cough medicines include facilitating othrachvaneto - bronholitin, mukolen, libeksin, prospan. If bronhospazmi bronhorazshiritelite teotard, novfilin, salbutamol should precede othrachvashtite medicines. And this is not always observed by the patients. Amboksol and bromheksin be applied in thick, viscose, difficult pulmonary secretions are released. In guttural cough of origin are irrelevant. Othrachvashtiyat is an effect of preparation is against cough syrups containing extract from hollyhock, benzonat sodium, potassium bromide and thyme syrup. Each pharmacy preparers drugs may do so. Nothing razvodnyava bronchial secretions as well as water. It is best vtechnitel of viscose thick pulmonary secretions. Pulmonary patients necessarily have to bear this fact insufficiently known. Only suitable for diabetics against cough syrup is demefanat. All against the cough syrups is desirable to combine with esberitoks. Only in specific indications in cough include antibiotics.
Treatment of cough is a therapeutic art that speaks each clinical pharmacologist. Clinical pharmacological Center Uzunova is ready to help every treatment a patient with cough diognoza set.

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