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Forget it, BUT NO LOSS

Amidofenat (piramidonat) that is forgotten but not lost its therapeutic medicinal importance. Drug forms in which there are: tablets, syrup and candles. They have not dropped out of drug nomenclature - may be made in each pharmacy, preparing medicines.
Amidofenat is classic temperaturoponizhavashto medicine. More than seventy years it has been used as such. And suddenly it appears "inappropriate" for therapy. But that is another matter. Someone will say - leads to anemia. A analginat which is the same group and have the same risk anemic, weak and not widely used as a painkiller vehicle. Piramidonat has moderate anti-inflammatory effect, especially suitable for chronic rheumatism. Indispensable temperaturoponizhavashto medicine for pediatrics. Can be combined with paracetamol and its derivatives. Amidofenat component in two-compound product and piranal anapirin. They were excellent and tepmeraturoponizhavashti ilachi pain when paratsetamolat still was not navlyazal in practice. Once entered, piranalat anapirinat and dropped out of nemenklaturata. Reverence to imported equivalents paracetamol - dafalgan, eferalgan, panadol, ferveks, koldreks. We Europeans are right! But piranalat anapirinat and may also be prepared in a pharmacy. Furthermore, they have a much stronger temperaturoponizhavasht effect of paracetamol and its derivatives. May be combined with paracetamol if necessary.
Do not ignore the new, but proven to remind old. Lost piramidon and its medicinal forms can be obtained in a private pharmacy "Uzunova.

Ivan Uzunov,
Clinical Social














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