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SICK Throat

Throat is sick folk concept. It includes or tonsillitis - quinsy (tonsillitis), or inflammation of galtacha - pharynx (pharyngitis), or inflammation of the voice connections - larynx (laryngitis). When angina is usually pain. Pharyngitis is characterized by a feeling of dryness in the throat and zasednalost - as if there is foreign body in it and the patient can not swallow. Typical of laryngitis is thick or there is a total loss of votes. Cold is the most common cause of these infections. Sometimes they are allergic basis. In the three infections antibiotic appointed only in poor general condition or a tendency to obtain complications. Initial step in treatment is the inclusion of local imunostimulator. It aims to strengthen the natural resistance of the lining of the upper respiratory tract. To that end recommend smucheneto esberitoks of tablets after food. One hour after not drinking water and not eat. In addition pharyngitis tablets, galtacha and arcs around it spreads with liquid containing iodine, muriate of ammonia, alcohol and glycerin. The latter is prepared in a pharmacy and is particularly relevant and chronic angina. The use of carbonated fluids as in pharyngitis, and for angina. Cold food and drinks are permitted as surprising to see someone. In angina recommend spreading of tonsils and arcs around them with the aqueous solution of tripaflavin. The latter often mastered the state without having to use an antibiotic. Tripaflavinat is appropriate for children. Medicine forgotten, but with very good effect. Tripaflavinat extremely effective in the presence of staphylococci. In laryngitis recommend inhalation (breathing) of essential oils gomenol in spirit and eukaliptol basis. If necessary to add essential oils and adrenaline alergozan. Fluid that is very relevant in chronic laryngitis.
The exact diagnosis of the patients throat is placed only by a specialist in ear, nose and throat, and treatment is the responsibility of clinical pharmacists' Uzunova.

Ivan Uzunov,
Clinical Social














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