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Frost Allergies

Frost allergic skin reaction represents the open parts of the body in lowering the temperature. Characterized by redness, swelling, itching, pain and sometimes with the appearance of lesions. Itching and pain is strengthened when changing the temperature of the environment. The most commonly affected are the fingers and toes, more rarely - the nose and ears. More people suffer with low blood pressure and women. Treatment involves inhibition of inflammatory response with local and internally applied medicines. Local drug of greatest importance are kortizonovite drugs combined with antibiotics - kortimitsin, diprogenta, flutsinarN, abrikorN. Best is the effect of preparation is ointment containing camphor, ihiol cleaner, peruvianski conditioner in a mazilkova basis. Include internal anti ksizal and kapilyarotonichniyat rutaskorbin and strengthen the exchange processes vitamin "C". People with proven allergy frost should take preventive rutaskorbin during the autumn-winter season. Effective prevention is changeful and bathrooms with hot and cold water. Recommended adoption of a more liquid consumption in salted foods.
About frost allergy can learn in a private pharmacy "Uzunov".

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