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Fungal infections in the mouth

Consider a white vrahcheta buds that are very painful. May be single or covering the entire oral cavity. Broad antibiotics are the most common cause of these infections, especially when not taken with vitamins from group "B". Sometimes changes in the parameters of saliva - pN, to, humidity may also be a reason. Nistatin losionat is the most effective means for their treatment. We do not currently producing factory, but can always be done. In strong herbal lotion syndrome to be included anestezin and more rapid healing of the lining - and vitamin "A". Losionat be applied before and after food. The effect of enhancing lotion with zhabureneto water solution of soda bread. Daktarin oral gelat can not compete in efficiency nistatin lotion. The latter is one hundred percent effective in thrush (soor) in newborns. Approach in performance nistatin lotion is derived stambolskata mulberry. This extract is an alternative to lotion if its effect is not sufficient. Nistatin lotion and drawn from mulberry may be combined in a certain way. Fungi in the mouth when it is appropriate zhabureneto cold chamomile, and the adoption of the vitamin B complex or neurobeks. Zhabureneto of aqueous solution of sumac is not recommended due to drying of mucous membranes. Frequently gastrointestinal diseases resulting in chronic fungal infections in the mouth. Treating gastrointestinal disease and eliminate the fungal infection. About the treatment of fungal infections in the mouth, you can learn in pharmacy dermatologically "Uzunov".

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